INEET says:

Every competitor is a good student, but every good student is not a competitor

INEET generates competitors in every student with ample exposure to concept clarity, extending the dimensions of Creativity through minute Care and building up Confidence with ‘can do spirit’, key to success in this highly competitive world of Technology

We at INEET constantly work for the betterment of the students and empower them with tactics to excel in examinations like NEET, AIIMS, etc. In turn, by following such medical entrance a student can also prepare for other medical examinations such as JIPMER, NISER, etc. Our systematic approaches, timely guidance, hard & smart working of a student can reach towards him/her for a successful career. Wish you all the best for your future.


Why a new Institute in this state of Odisha !!!


Since there are no limitations to betterment and accuracy- the key factors to achieving success in competitions and the result of competitors is unmistakably based on the pillar of accuracy ,INEET is a step ahead for the accuracy. Betterment and accuracy are the soul and integral features with which INEET came into being inOdisha. A competitor’s success is truly defined in terms of accuracy and INEET has reasons to believe that every good student is not a competitor, but every competitor is a good student.

To be more precise, let’s first of all throw a light on the factors and the differences of the state of mind between a student and a competitor.

  • The focus of a student is always on the percentage of marks, but a competitor is always worried about the cut off marks.
  • A student cannot go well beyond guessed questions, but a competitor always thinks deep and frames new questions (?) is the light of creativity.
  • A student is little worried about time management, but a competitor always struggles for time management and races against time during competitions.